Issues Logging in (Java Only)

If you are having trouble logging in to the Minecraft launcher or the website, and you know both the email address on the account and your account password, this can be caused by conflicting software or settings on your computers, or with your account.

Information Gathering

To determine if your issue is a technical issue with your computer/network or an account issue, you’ll need to do the following and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the exact error message you get when trying to log in to the launcher?
  2. Try logging in to on another device on the same network.
  3. Try logging in to on another device, using data, not wifi, or using a VPN.

Cannot Log in Anywhere

If you cannot log in anywhere, both in the launcher and on another device, even on data, then the issue is with your account. You will need to contact support with your transaction ID to recover your account. Submit a ticket using the first link below and make sure you get a confirmation email. Once you receive the confirmation email, you will need to wait for a response. We cannot give you an ETA on when Support will respond; neither can anyone in the Minecraft Support Discord.

Contact Support
How to Locate Your Transaction ID

Cannot Log in on Another Device on the Same Network, but Can on Data

Your account or IP has probably been locked due to too many failed attempts to log in to your account. Wait a few hours without touching your account at all, then try again.

Can Log in on Another Device, both on Same Network and on Data

The issue is with your computer. There is either something running on your computer that is blocking Minecraft logins or some setting that’s preventing Minecraft from reaching authentication servers. See the list of known incompatible software.

One of the most common causes comes from the use of illegal account generators. These programs change settings on the computer that prevents Minecraft from logging in normally, even after the account generator program is removed. To undo the changes done by these account generators, see this article.

Further Help

If you are still not able to log in, but can log in on other devices, see the technical support resources page for further help and troubleshooting. As with any online community, be sure to read the rules upon joining, and follow them.