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Could not create Game Directory

How to get a DxDiag

Removing Memory Limit From Environment Variables (Windows)

Exit Code: -1073740777

Exit Code: -1073741819

Exit Code: 134

Exit Code: 139

Exit Code: -2147483645

Exit Code: 255

Exit code -805306369

Exit statuses

Failed to Check Session Lock

Failed to load Skull

Finding the minecraft data folder

Minecraft Graphics Compatibility Matrix

Changing Game Directory

Changing Work Directory

Installing AMD drivers with Device manager

Installing Intel drivers with Device manager

Getting Minecraft Logs

Incompatible Class Change Error

Installing Forge

How to install Java

Intel 4-series Chipset

Internet Crash on AT&T 2Wire

Invalid Data Sent By Server

Known Incompatible Software

Legacy Intel GPU

LoadLibrary: Error 126

Modifier Name Cannot Be Empty

No Space Left on Device

Changing Nvidia Optimus Settings

Out of Memory

Pixel Format Not Accelerated


How to setup a Java edition Server

Special Characters

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Unable to fit texture

Checking the Event Log