LoadLibrary: Error 126

This error, or any variants of it, are caused when using older AMD (formerly ATI) GPUs in which improperly identify their libraries, or “files”.

How to fix this

First, you want to find if you have a 32bit / 64bit OS.

You can do this by - Pressing your Windows + R keys, to bring up a run dialogue, in it, type in: “cmd”, and hit enter. This will bring up a command prompt window. In the window, type in: echo %processor_architecture% then hit enter.

If the output was amd64, you have a 64-bit OS. If the output was x86, you have a 32-bit OS.

32-bit OS

Open a command prompt window as an Administrator, and type in the following command:

CD %windir%\system32

Then, run this command:

COPY atioglxx.dll .dll

64-bit OS

Open a command prompt window as an Administrator.

In the command prompt window, type in:

CD %windir%\system32

Once you have done that, type in:

COPY atio6axx.dll .dll

Then try running the game, if the error persists, then you may have a mobile card, if so, type in:

COPY .dll atiogl64.dll