Special Characters

Because of a bug in Java, special characters are not permitted to be in folder names. This causes issues with Minecraft that prevent it from loading correctly, and thus resulting in a crash.


To fix issues with having special characters such as an '!' somewhere along your file system, you can do the following:

Change the working directory (Method #1)


Step 1

Right click on 'Minecraft.exe' or 'Minecraft.jar' (the launcher) and press "Create Shortcut".

Step 2

Right click on the new shortcut that gets generated and press "Properties".

Step 3

At the end of the 'Target' bar, add the following:

--workDir %ProgramData%\.minecraft

It should then look like this:

Step 4

Simply press 'OK' and then run the shortcut, and Minecraft should launch.

Things to keep in mind

In any event that you would need to open '%AppData%', instead use '%ProgramData%'; as you have set the game to use this folder instead.

If you should ever need to move the actual "Minecraft.exe" file (not shortcut), you will have to follow these instructions over.

Mac OSX and Linux

Please create a terminal script that launches "Minecraft.jar" with the --workDir parameter, to a destination that does not contain special characters in it.

For example:

open ~/unsafe/path/to/Minecraft.jar --workDir /safe/path

Change the working directory (Method #2)

With the launcher, you are able to change the folder path that Minecraft works with. To do so, you will have to launch Minecraft using the following method:


First, you will need to verify you have the correct java version installed for your computer.

  • Open a command prompt window, and type in: echo %processor_architecture%

  • If the output was "x86", then you have a 32-bit processor else if the output was "amd64", you have a 64 bit processor.

  • Next in the command prompt window, type in: java -d64 -version

  • If the output was "This Java instance does not support a 64-bit JVM. Please install the desired version.", and you are using a 64-bit processor, you have the wrong version of Java, and should install the proper Java version here.

Next, you will need to create a new run file to launch Minecraft with.

  1. Open Notepad

  2. Paste this into Notepad: java -jar Minecraft.exe --workDir="C:/Minecraft"

  3. Press CTRL+S

  4. Change the "Save as Type" to "All Types (*.*)"


  5. For the file name, type in: runmc.bat

  6. Click "Ok"

  7. Locate the file you just made and move it to be in the same place as the Minecraft.exe

  8. Double click the runmc.bat file and play as you normally do.

Mojira Link: MCL-774